Welcome to our Teddy Bear Picnic

In English we are looking forward to writing a recount. This week we have looked at the features of a recount and been practicing writing in the past tense. But, we needed an event to write about…. so Lion and Panther class came together and had a teddy bear picnic in the sun!

We each brought in our favourite teddy bear or toy. First we walked up to our school field ready for a morning of fun! The sun was shining and everyone was feeling excited.

Next we played lots of games, including a balance race, hoop throwing and an obstacle course. It was great to see everyone cheering each other on!

Then we ate our snack with all of the teddies. It was great to all be together.

Finally we had a disco and danced to lots of music.

We all had a fantastic morning and we look forward to writing a recount of the event next week.