Food Chains

This week in Year Two we have been Scientists again! We have been studying food chains and asking questions about them, for example: what would happen if the plant in the food chain doesn’t get its energy from the sun? We began the unit by doing a quick retrieval practice quiz to recall our prior learning about living things and what they need to survive.

We learnt about the process of a food chain and how energy transfers between each living thing in the chain. We understood from our learning on germination that at the beginning of a food chain we have the sun that a plant needs to draw energy from.

We began by making our very own paper food chains! These showed how the energy transfers between each living thing!

Take a look at some of our finished ones!

Then, we consolidated our learning by drawing and writing our own food chains. Have a look at some of our Scientist work.

How to help at home:

  • Find a living thing in your garden or the park – what is the food chain?
  • What is your child’s own food chain? Where are we in the chain?