Giraffes Reveley Lodge trip

On Monday, Giraffes were very lucky to have had an adventure into the Victorian era this week! We were very excited to get there and did a fantastic job of walking and keeping ourselves safe along the way.

When we arrived we were greeted by house maids who instructed the children to dress up like Victorian children in smocks and waistcoats. We were then split into two groups and began a travel back in time!

We were shown how the house maids would complete the laundry, being reminded that this was before electricity and there was not just an on/off switch to be clicked! Instead, we learnt the long process of washing clothes and other linen.

We were also told how to children are to be “seen and not heard” as they enter the classroom, which we all found rather shocking. The Victorian classroom was certainly a different setting than Merry Hill and we were surprised to see the School Inspector paying us a visit!

Lastly, we were shown how to properly use our knives, forks and crockery to eat some lovely Victoria sponge and drink some tasty tea. Overall we had an amazing time at Reveley Lodge and learnt a lot of new things, whilst having great fun. Just ask us all about it at home!