The Papaya That Spoke

In English we have been learning the story of The Papaya that Spoke. It is a story that has three different types of punctuation, starting with the friendly full stop who we know really well by now in Year One. Also, we have seen exclamation marks and question marks.

We have been practicing acting out the different characters, using different actions and voices. We have looked at what kind of punctuation fits for what kind of speech.

Panthers and Lions enjoyed saying “Get out of here you foolish man!” like the mean king,  “Hands off!” like the papaya who didn’t want to be eaten and “Why are you running so fast when the sun is shining so bright?” like the curious fisherman.

Here we are with some of our speech bubbles!

How you can help at home:

Support your child to write some speech bubbles for their teddies and toys during a game. Are they going to need a . a ? or a !