How Do Bees Make Honey?

Today Year One were visited by one of our Merry Hill parents, who as well as being a daddy to Rose and Douglas, is also a bee-keeper of bee-hives! The bees in their hives have been working hard over the last 6 weeks to make new honey, harvesting lots of pollen from the Lime Trees which are in bloom all around Bushey!

We learnt some fascinating facts about how bees make honey, and used the time words that we have been learning: ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘after that’, ‘then’ and ‘finally’! Mr Barrel brought an empty hive and showed us the different parts, explaining where the eggs are laid and where the honey is made, too. One of our favourite parts was learning about the bees’ special ‘waggle dance’ which they do to tell each other they are making honey!


We got a chance to hold parts of the hive and compare the difference in weight. The honey makes it very heavy! We spotted that the part with no honey must have a much smaller mass because it was very light!

We also got to try on some bee keeping safety equipment, such as the hats they wear to keep the bees away from their faces!

We also took a risk and tasted the honey to see if we liked a new flavour!

Thank you very much to Mr Barrell and Douglas for the amazing learning oppurtunity.


How you can help at home:

Discuss how or why something works in different steps and use the words ‘because’ and ‘so’ to add a reason.

Ie. The bees do a waggle dance when they are making honey because they can’t speak to each like we do!