Hunting for Signs of Spring at Bushey Rose Garden

Yesterday Year One visited the beautiful Bushey Rose Gardens.

In geography we have been learning about our local area and features of a map. Miss Bates and Miss Cowley gave Panther and Lion class the responsibility to plan the route! Firstly they used their knowledge of the local area and quickly identified Merry Hill Infant school on the map. Then using the features of the map, both classes planned the route to our destination.

When we arrived at the Bushey Rose Gardens, Panthers and Lions looked for signs of Spring and talked about what we could sense during the trip. We talked about what we could hear, smell, see, feel and taste. We even spotted a teacher we know walking her dog!!

Lots of us smelt rosemary, listened to birds, an felt the snow on our cheeks! Despite the cold weather we spotted a number of signs of Spring. For example, daffodils, bird nests and flower buds.

We all had a fantastic time at the Rose Gardens and hope to visit again soon.

Have a wonderful Easter break!