Maths – finding change

This week in Year 2, we have been looking at money. We have focussed on making different combinations of the same amount. To do this, we used our prior learning of our part-part-wholes and physical money to show how an amount can be made in different ways. We learnt a key sentence this week which has been repeated often: there are 100 pennies in £1. 

Then, we have been solving one step money problems. We have been using lots of different strategies to help us, including drawing different workings out. For example, part-part-wholes, drawing tens and ones and different number sentence workings out. We also had to use our knowledge of inverse to use addition to help us with our subtraction questions, for example to find out £65- £43 we can count on to find the difference.


Lastly, we have moved on to two-step money problems. We have been using the key sentence: I will use what  I know to help me. We thought about the different vocabulary in the questions and used what we knew to work out which operation we needed to use.  Then we had to show our working in different ways, using different strategies for example using our nearest multiple of 10 or counting on to subtract.

How to help at home 

  • Give your child a budget to spend in a shop, can they get two things for a certain amount of money?
  • Explore and become familiar with the different maths’ vocabulary – see the post on Seesaw about all the different words used for different operations.
  • Help your child understand how many pennies in £1 or £2 with real money.