This week in Nursery…

We had a great time learning about healthy eating and looking after our bodies by getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water or milk and doing exercise!

As part of our Jigsaw topic “Healthy Me” we have been learning to identify different parts of our bodies.  We now know where our shins, calves and thighs are as well as our eyebrows, cheeks and throats.  We practised signing head shoulder knees and toes as fast as we could while touching the correct parts of our bodies.  This was loads of fun.  Why not listen to the song and try to do it just as fast?

We discussed healthy and not so healthy food and named all the foods we can eat lots of because they give us energy and all the nutrients our bodies need to grow big and strong.  We then made a list of foods that we can have once in a while as a treat.  We are working on understanding that all foods are allowed – when eaten in moderation.  We have also adapted our snack time routines and everyone really enjoyed having their choice of snack in a cosy, social situation.

To top of our healthy body, healthy mind week we took part in very fast paced PE lessons to get our heart rates up. We had great fun learning new games while also getting lots of exercise.  The children noticed that they were breathing faster and deeper after our games than before the games and they could feel those racing hearts beat in their chests.

After the Easter break we intend to change into our PE kits for every PE lesson, please ensure your child has a clearly labelled PE kit in school if they don’t have one already.
Have a lovely weekend!
The Nursery team xx