Science Week at Merry Hill

This week has been an eventful week at Merry Hill School. We started off the week with an assembly led by Miss Honnor, who is our Science Leader. She explained that we were going to have an exciting week learning about Science. She reminded us about some key scientists we have been studying across the school, including Beatrix Potter.

On Tuesday we had a special visitor, a mad scientist called ‘Lightning Lauren’! She knows all about different atoms, including gases. We already knew a little bit about carbon dioxide from our plant and tree discoveries, like that trees need carbon dioxide and that we breathe it out for them.

Lightning Lauren also told us that another word for carbon dioxide is actually dry ice! She showed us some fantastic ways you can use dry ice, it can even blow up a balloon! The solid dry ice turns into gas to fill the balloon.

After that we worked together to learn about animals. We will be learning more about animals when we do our Summer Fun! topic, so this was a good sneak preview for us.

We worked in teams and classified animals by their home, how many legs they have and their colour. We asked questions and were curious learners when we made moulds of animal footprints to discover what type of animal they were.

How you can help at home:

Talk about the different animals groups: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds.

Research and do a poster about your favourite animal.