Mental maths

This week in Year 2 we have been building on our knowledge of adding and subtracting. We have been learning lots of new strategies to help us when working with one and two digit numbers mentally. This has made us think hard about the place value of a number.

First, we practised our multiples of 10 and discussed how they can help us solve larger number sentences. Beginning with counting in our ten times tables, we grew very familiar with the multiples. Next, we generated our own numbers using number cards and began placing it on a number line to help us determine which multiple of ten our number was closest to. Finally, we used this knowledge to rebalance the number sentence, for example 41 + 16 = 40 + 17 = 57. This  led some of us to find out that adding multiples of 10 can make our number sentences easier to solve!

How to help at home:

  • Practise your times tables often! Can your child count in their tens forwards and backwards starting from any number? Do they know a multiple of ten always ends in a zero?
  • Numbots is fantastic for number accuracy and fluency!
  • Ask your child to show them how they have been using multiples of 10 to solve two digit number sentences.