In Reception we have been learning about money. The children are very good at recognising all the different coins and have been working with 1ps, paying for items in our shop and doing very careful counting to make sure they give the correct amount.


This then developed to working with 2ps and making the connection that 2 1ps equal a 2p piece. The children have been counting in 2s and making the connection with prior learning of odd and even numbers.


At home:

You could give your child some coins to ‘pay’ for a snack at home or even pay for a small item in a shop.                       If your child has pocket money encourage them to count how much they have and what they could buy with it. The concept of saving for something they really want is such a positive life skill.

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as we will be moving onto these amounts in the coming weeks.