Our first PE lesson

Reception have been doing a fantastic job in their second week at Merry Hill School! We have been talking about our Golden Rules then showing how we follow them so we can all feel happy together.  The children have been looking after property by changing for PE and putting their uniform inside their PE kits so they can find it again at the end of the lesson!

PE was a great success, we learnt how to set up the equipment safely by listening to instructions and working as a team.  We discussed and learnt different ways to move our body. Some of the things we came up with were hopping, jumping, walking, running and rolling.  We discussed the difference between jumping and hopping; it is that “hopping is using one foot” and “jumping is landing on two feet at the same time!”

How you can help at home:

We have been learning The Grand Old Duke of York and have been practising the marching as we sing. Marching is another way we can move our body and links to what we are doing in PE! Click on the link so you can sing this with your child at home.


In our phonics sessions this week we have learnt these sounds:

We have been emphasising how to say a sound correctly using pure sounds. Please see the video below if you would like more information on pure sounds. Using the pure sound will help the children when they begin blending sounds together to make words.


Can you go on a scavenger hunt for something at home that begins with ‘nnnnnnnn’?