Piet Mondrian

This half term in Art we have been learning about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.  We started by looking carefully at his work. We identified that he only used straight lines and primary colours in his art work.

Once we knew about Mondrian’s work we then explored the different elements of his work. We practised drawing straight lines of different widths using a ruler,  using the pastels to fill in blocks of colour and using white and black to change the shades of our colours.

Finally we created our own pieces of art work inspired by Mondrian. We planned out our ideas and then got to work on our final pieces. What do you think? Can you spot the straight lines and primary colours?


How to support at home

  • Participate in art activities at home with your child e.g. painting, drawing.
  • Visit the library or look on the internet to find out about other famous artists.
  • Challenge yourself to recreate the work of other artists.
  • Visit an art gallery – Discuss the art work you see. which pieces are your favourite? Why?