Planting new life!

This week in Year 2 we have continued investigating the life cycle of other living things. We have thought hard about what we already know from Year 1 about the structure of plants, and investigated what the beginning stage of the life cycle of a plant is.

We observed some bulbs and seeds and noted the differences. Then, we began our planting! We gathered stones to help our bulbs to be planted correctly and we each got to scoop soil into a pot ready to spread the lettuce seeds into!

We very much enjoyed this exciting lesson and lots of us can’t wait to see the plants grow, especially as some of us want to try to eat our lettuce once it is fully grown!

We are going to be spending our science lessons monitoring the growth in the seeds and bulbs and we will be recording this in our very own plant diary each week!

How to help at home

  • Do you have a garden? You could ask your child to show you how they learnt to plant seeds!
  • Visit a public garden! The local Rose Gardens is a lovely place to go and see some growing plants.
  • Be a Scientist! Spend some time researching the parts of a plant ready for our future lessons.