During our Mindful Monday lessons we are continuing our learning about the artist Clarice Cliff. We found out that Clarice was famous for the designs she painted on to pottery. So we decided we should design and make some pottery using her ideas.

Over the last few weeks we have experimented with clay and how we can use it to make a pot. We particularly enjoyed rolling out long worms to make the coiled sides and using our fingers to smooth it down at the end.

We have also been using inspiration from Clarice’s designs to think about how we would like to paint our own pots. We have thought about her use of bright colours and shapes but also thought about how we can make our designs personal to us. Some of us like swimming so we have included some blue wavy patterns on our designs, other like colourful rainbows. Can you work out what each persons likes are from the designs?

We are currently waiting for our final clay pots to dry before we paint them. We are trying hard to be patient!


How to Support at Home  

  • Visit an art gallery, or look for art when you are out and about. Can you find out the name of the artist and any facts about them? Look carefully at their work – what do you notice? You might like to think about the  colours, patterns and shapes they have used. Have a go at recreating some of their designs.
  • Use construction equipment, such as Lego, to make  your own pieces of art work. Can you use the colours of the bricks to make a picture or pattern?
  • Experiment using playdough, salt dough or similar. How can you change the shape of your dough? Does it mould in the same way that clay does? Can you use it to make some pottery of your own?