This week in RE we shared a Buddhist story called ‘Under the Bodhi Tree’.

Click on the link below for the story:

We practised retelling the story using ‘freeze frames’, which we learnt are like real life photos. We found it tricky to stay very still in our acting positions but it was lots of fun and helped us to remember the different parts of the story.

Have a look at Panther’s retelling of the story below:

We discussed what the story was teaching us and then compared it to other religious stories we have shared in recent weeks. The children noticed that all of the stories have very similar teachings, even if they are from different religious books. We discussed that everyone must try hard to be respectful and kind no matter what religion, if any, they belong to.

How to support your child’s learning at home:

  • When you are reading stories at home, discuss what we can learn from the events within the story. Encourage your child to empathise with how the different characters might be feeling and why.