Reading in Reception

Feedback is such an important part of the learning process.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates

We have been working very hard in Reception to foster a love of reading. We have been learning to  “Blend sounds into words, so that they can read short words made up of known letter– sound
correspondences.,” Development Matters 2021.
In each of our areas there are key texts linking to the children’s learning or familiar texts that they know and can perform to their friends. Each week we listen to each child read and we really value the comments you put in the reading records. The reading records are important to us for many reasons.

They tell us:

  • how frequently the child is reading,
  • whether they are enjoying the texts we send home,
  • if they are applying their phonics away from the classroom.

Here are some examples of super feedback taken from our own reading records:


How you can help at home:

  • Try to listen to your child read every night – flash cards are reading, cooking instructions on a pizza is reading. Reading does not just take place in a school reading book.
  • Sign the Reading Record to show they have read. A description of what they have read is really helpful too.
  • Comment on their use of phonics – did they recognise the first/ middle/ last sound in the word.
  • Comment on their use of contextual cues such as using pictures to help guess a word or using the context of the sentence to make a plausible guess.
  • Make time to read to your child in a nice cosy space in your home – comment on this in the Reading Record too. We love to learn which books the children enjoy.

Thank you for all your help – the children are making great strides in their reading.


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Ken Blanchard