This week and next we will be thinking about Remembrance. On 11th November, we remember all those that have fought in wars around the world and those that are still fighting in order for us to have a better life. We are thankful to everyone that has worked towards us having a better future. At 11am on 11th November, people stay silent for two minutes to remember. People often wear poppies as a symbol to show they are thinking about the soldiers that have fought. Sometimes it is known as Poppy Day.

We have been creating some poppy art to create a display to show that we are thinking about all those that have fought in wars around the world. You might like to create some of your own poppy art at home, perhaps on a pebble, a collage, a painting. Please send us some photos – we’d love to see them.

You might also like to read or write a poem about remembrance.