Roald Dahl Museum

This week Year 2 were very excited and full of magic when they began their trip to the Roald Dahl Museum. When we arrived we were buzzing with excitement as if we we had received our very own Golden Tickets! We were quick to get unpacked and ready to begin the day of adventure.

We started in the Gallery with two lovely staff members. We gathered around and were introduced into the world of Roald Dahl; lots of us were excited to share what we already knew. They began telling us a tale of a friendly giant, which we guessed straight away was the BFG! They asked us if we thought the BFG had ever blown us a dream, lots of us thought so. Then, from the BFG’s very own suitcase, they pulled out his dream trumpet and dreams were spread over us all! We were very excited to sleep that night to find out what dreams the BFG’s trumpet had given us!

But then, the stories were not over! We were told a comical tale of the Twits, of how Mrs Twit put her glass eyeball into Mr Twit’s cup! It is safe to say we were a little grossed out by the eyeball, but we did think Mr Twit deserved it.

Next, we were as excited as Matilda is in a library when we ventured into the gallery. On the top floor, we were amazed by the illusion games we found to play with, the shadow pictures and above all the magical TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that transported us onto the screen! Check out your Seesaw account for even more pictures or videos of this!

After that, we went down the magical glass elevator to the second room. This one was full of magical things from Roald Dahl’s stories. There was Mr Fantastic Fox’s tunnel, James and the Giant Peach, and even Matilda’s reading library! Some of us even got the opportunity to act out parts of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Finally, we also had the opportunity to craft our very own Matilda’s book bag! We thought about our day and what we had learnt, seen and enjoyed and were inspired! Take a look at our crafting!

Overall, we had the best time on our trip and were thoroughly exhausted from all the excitement! What a fantastic experience and memory to share!