Super Scientists!

This term our science topic is Animals, including humans and looking at growth over time. We started by thinking about ourselves and the lifecycle of a human. We brought in photos of ourselves as babies and  really enjoyed looking at a gallery and working out who was who! The children then thought about the word grow and what it means (to increase in size and develop in ability). They described themselves to a partner thinking about how  they have stayed the same (i.e. eye colour) and how they have changed (i.e. grown taller, read a book). 

We watched this clip:

We also focused on the word lifecycle and that it means the process that living things go through from the beginning of their life until their death.

We  identified  and named the different stages in the human timeline – baby-toddler-child-teenager-adult.

Following this, we thought about needs and wants and what the difference is between the two. As the children discussed this together they realised that most things suggested are actually things we want…we can survive without them! 


We thought about the word survive in greater depth and identified the things that we as humans need to survive:

  • water
  • air
  • food

The children made posters to explain what animals need to survive


This week we have found out that all animals need food but different animals need different types of food. 

Together we recapped the meanings of herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.

The children researched some animals and created their own animal fact file focusing on their needs and how to look after them. 

The children worked really hard and created super fact files that they shared with their peers. What brilliant scientists we have in Year 2!