This Week in Nursery


Another busy week in Nursery! We have enjoyed the weather being milder and the children have played outside for much longer! The children enjoyed stretching their legs and pushing their boundaries on the big playground! They took on board our PSHE topic of setting goals and challenges for themselves and tried their best on the climbing apparatus- balancing, reaching and gripping onto the equipment.

In maths this week the children have continued to work on accuracy and making sure that they count all the objects in the group to make sure they get the correct answer. There was lots of fun, laughter and mess when they had to follow  the recipe to make mud pies in class.

As we are learning more and more about our topic of “Dig a Little Deeper”, the children have looked at different animals that live underground and how they have adapted to a life in the dark.  We have learned some interesting facts about moles and their favourite food- earthworms! The children also had the opportunity to experiment in the messy play tray covered in slimy earthworms (cooked spaghetti) . The children made a variety of food for the moles, from worm cakes to soup for dinner. I think it is safe to say they had a blast!

In our phonic sessions we have continued to find words that start with the same sounds and have enjoyed making alliterative sentences.

How can you help at home:

When you are out and about this weekend, collect some sticks, stones and leaves and see if you can make your own Andy Goldsworthy land art.