Science – materials

This week in Year 2, we  begun our science lesson with the word absorbent. We discussed its meaning using our Word Aware strategies at Merry Hill. First, we said the word, next we clapped the syllables in the word, then we discussed its meaning, and finally we rapped the word! We especially enjoyed that last part!

Next, we discussed how we could test different materials. We thought about how to make it a fair test and we did this by only changing the material we used. We decided we would need five different materials and some water.

Then, we had to make a prediction about what material we thought would be the most absorbent to the least absorbent.

After that, we had the most fun conducting the experiment! Take a look at some of us testing our materials!

Finally, we had to record the experiment into our books.

How to help at home:

  • Check out your toys! What material are they made out of?
  • Choose a property, for example ‘stretchy’, how many different materials in your house have this property?
  • Can your child do the washing up with different materials? Which one is the most absorbent?