This week in Nursery…

We had a great week where we took part in a variety of exciting learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

On Monday we had the huge pleasure of welcoming Mrs Shah into the Nursery where she shared how their family celebrated Diwali.  Mrs Shah told the children the story of Rama and Sita and why Diwali is celebrated.  The children were very keen to share their own understanding of Diwali and they enjoyed showing off their diva lamps and rangoli patterns they made in class.

In maths we have been measuring ourselves and comparing our heights in class, talking about who is taller or shorter than their friends.  The children are trying their best to be able to say “I am taller than my friend A but shorter than my friend B.  He is the tallest in class  and she is the shortest.”

We also marked all of our heights on the class height chart so we can revisit it later in the year to see how much we have grown!
Next week we will be focusing on 2D and 3D shapes, in order to be able recognise the basic shapes and to use mathematical language to describe them.
How you can help at home:
Create some opportunities for your child to compare themselves (height) to other family members or  objects in the house e.g I am the shortest in the house.  My sister is taller than me but she is shorter than my brother.
If you are out and about this weekend, please could you collect pine cones, pebbles, twigs etc to bring to school for us to use in our learning next week?
As always, have a fabulous weekend and stay warm!
xx The Nursery team