Louie Braille

Our significant person that we are learning about in History is Louie Braille.

Louie Braille is still significant today because he invented a system which supported people who are blind. When Braille was young he was sent to a special school for children who were blind. However, there were only 14 books available to read. Louis Braille decided to invent a new system made from six dots. He invented the Braille system at only fifteen!

We have sequenced Louie Braille’s life onto a timeline. We then established whether the sequenced events were a happy moment or sad moment in his life:


How you can help at home:

Use the knowledge organiser to answer the following questions…

  1. Why do you think we remember Louis Braille today?
  2. What were the most important moments, and who were the most significant people in Louis Braille’s life?
  3. What changes to people’s lives has Louis Braille made?

Year 1 Knowledge organiser History – Autumn 2 updated