Science Week

This week we have been celebrating national science week.

On Monday we went to an assembly. We found out more about the work that scientists do and why scientists are important. We remembered some of the past scientists that we have learnt about at Merry Hill including Dr Richards and Marie Curie. We also found out about a young scientist called Alyssa Carson. At the age of 3 Alyssa decided she wanted to visit the planet Mars, now she is part of a group of astronauts who are working to position themselves to become the first humans to land on Mars.


On Tuesday we started off the morning with another assembly. L Lauren led the assembly, she taught us all about solids, liquids and gases and used dry ice to show us how different materials can change between the different states.


In the afternoon we became zoologists. We explored the different ways animals can be grouped and thought about how their footprints might look different. We enjoyed using plaster of paris to make different footprints and were very excited when L Lauren said we could keep them.

How to help at home 

  • Visit the library and find some science books. Can you find any books that tell you about scientists? Or perhaps you can find some books that have different ideas for science experiments that you could try at home?
  • Talk about family and friends that use science in their jobs.
  • Scientists like to ask lots of questions – write down a list of questions that you have about the world. Could you find a way to answer one of your questions?