We are all scientists!

This week in Nursery we had the best time ever! We started the week off with a bang when Lightning Laura did experiments with dry ice for us during our whole school assembly.  I must mention how proud I was that Nursery sat and listened beautifully during the assembly, putting their hands up to answer questions and taking part in the experiments.


We also had a “In our garden” workshop, where we come up close and personal with our friend Superworm again.  We learned lots of interesting facts about earthworms – maybe the children can tell you all about it!

The rest of the week was very quiet around the school building, but in Nursery we were extremely busy with our experiments.  We tested different materials to see if they are magnetic, we predicted what objects will float or sink in our water trays and we tested to see what shape our bubbles will be if we used different shaped bubble wands. We also made our own stick puppets to use in our shadow box. We even did a magic trick where we poked pencils through a bag filled with water and questioned why the water did not gush out…turns out the pencils plugged the holes!

Alongside all of these activities we even managed to make something super special for our mummies.

As always have an amazing weekend, especially all our fabulous mums. We hope you all get spoiled rotten on Sunday.

The Nursery Team.