In Science, we have been learning about all the different ways we can keep healthy.

We have discussed hygiene, how to keep clean and have explored what might happen if we did not keep hygienic. For this, we went outside and had to ‘pass the germs’ to show this we shook hands covered in paint! We were then able to identify how germs can spread easily when we don’t wash our hands.

After this, it is safe to say we needed a good hand wash! Take a look at some of us learning how to wash our hands properly.

From this we created some Hygiene Superheroes! We hope they will help others to remember to stay hygienic. Take a look at some:

How to help at home:

  • Encourage good hygiene – why is it important to brush our teeth?
  • Next week we are looking at how exercise keeps us healthy. Can your child list all the ways in which they do exercise?