Skip Counting

This week we have started ‘skip counting’ for the first time- in Reception we learnt how to count one by one for accuracy and now we are building our knowledge of how to count and jump in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

First we practiced counting in 2′ s by whispering some words and only saying loudly the numbers in the twos counting pattern. The children were so brilliant at whispering and shouting at the right places. Some of us noticed that all of the numbers in the twos counting pattern are even numbers and we were whispering the odd numbers! Well done for done for retrieving this information and doing some sticky learning!

After practicing this several times we placed the numbers on a blank number line with our friends. Well done!

How you can help at home: Do a fun activity going on a hunt around the house and counting pairs such as socks, gloves, shoes and tights.