In Maths this week and next, Year 2 are learning to subtract a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number.

We started our learning by recapping strategies we had previously learnt, such as ‘think 10 for subtraction’ and think addition for subtraction.

Once we had revisited our prior learning we then moved on to subtracting multiples of 10 from 2 digit numbers. We used a number line to practise the ‘count back’ strategy.


We had a go at drawing some of our own number lines too.


We then used the regrouping strategy to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number where no regrouping is required. First we used our tens and ones to work out the difference, then drew our working out pictorially and finally showed it using a written subtraction method.

Next week we will using the same regrouping strategy to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number where regrouping is needed. First we will have a go practically in pairs using the tens and ones, then we will have a go at drawing our working out and using the written method. One of our key sentences to help with our learning will be ‘We can regroup 1 ten for ten ones’.

This is how we will record our work:


How to help at home 
  • Share this blog post with your child and ask them to teach you how to use these strategies, you could use Lego or other construction materials to represent tens and ones.
  • Keep using Numbots – if your child is really fluent with smaller numbers then it helps them work with bigger numbers, for example, if they know that 4 – 1 = 3 then they also know that 40 -30 = 10.
  • Practise regrouping 1 10p coin for 10 1p coins, you could also regroup other coins for 1ps.