Think 10

This week in Maths we have been using our knowledge of 10 to help us add and subtract efficiently. We used tens frames and counters to help use this method using concrete equipment. We have also been exploring how this might look pictorially as well as using more formal written methods.

Think 10 is not a concept we have found easy but we haven’t given up. Our teachers have been very impressed to see us working with detemination and trying our best to use our growth mindsets.

How to use ‘Think 10’ for addition

How to use ‘Think 10’ for subtraction¬†

How to help at home 

  • Encourage your child to use Numbot’s regularly at home – this really helps their fluency with number. If they know that 8 needs 2 to make 10 and that 6 is made of 2 and 4, then they can use that to solve 8 + 6 by regrouping 6 in to 2 and 4 and then doing 8 + 2 + 4 =
  • Talk to your child about numbers in everyday life e.g. there will be 4 people sitting at the dinner table, how many knives and forks do we need? How did you work that out?
  • See if they can show you how we have used this method at school. They could draw their own tens frames on paper and then use Lego bricks as counters.