Maths- Using a Part-Part-Whole model and counting on

This week in Maths we have looked at what a Part-Part-whole model is. We have learnt that a combination of parts make a whole nubmer and that if a model has 3 circles then Part + Part = Whole. We also looked at a three part model so we know that is a model has 4 circles then Part + Part + Part= Whole. Later on in the week we used a number line and a beadstring to count on from an number.

How you can help at home:
Gather an amount of toys and split them into more than 2 parts.

What are the parts? What is the whole? Can you put the numbers into a Part-Part-Part Whole model.

On the bus, in the car or even going for a walk- can you play a counting on game?
What is 7 + 2? Hold 7 in your head and hold up 2 fingers. Count on from seven using your fingers. The number you land on is your answer!