Science-Year 1

This week in Science, we have been continuing to learn about the human body, specifically, our senses. Over the last few weeks in Science we have learnt about what body part we use for each sense.

We have completed tasting experiments and we have been outside on a senses hunt to see if we can find natural objects that are bumpy, smooth and soft.

This week we are learning about sight. We have learnt how important our eyes are and what people need to have to support their eye sight. We learnt how people who are blind or partially sighted may need different things such as braille, guide dogs or different glasses. We completed an experiment with blindfolds where we needed to identify an object using our sense of touch. We played a game called ‘the bat and the moth’. The person who is pretending to be a bat can’t see, and they need to hunt their moth prey with only their hearing to help them.

What can you do at home?
When you are crossing a road you can find the different things that can support someone who is blind?
For example:The beeping noise to tell someone that it is clear to cross the road and tactile paving.
Then can you explain how this is beneficial for someone who is blind or partially blind?