This week in Reception

We have had another busy couple of weeks in Reception!

In Literacy, we have been innovating the story Handa’s Surprise. We thought of our own fruit that Edgar and Zippy could put in their baskets.  We created a bar chart using our ideas to decide on the most popular fruits.

We spent time rehearsing the story using puppets and props and then this week we have been inventing our own version of the story using our friends and teacher’s names! We have been trying really hard to use our phonic knowledge when writing – look how brilliantly we have done!

“Retell the story, once they have developed a deep familiarity with the text, some as exact repetition and some in their own words.” (Development Matters 2021)

We have been learning to, “Compare numbers,” (Development Matters 2021)

In maths we have been sorting using simple criteria, for example red and not red. The children then came up with their own ideas of ways to sort different items.

We moved onto thinking about odd and even numbers, using our knowledge of doubles from last week! We spoke about noticing the differences between the numberblocks that have an ‘odd block’ or ‘even top’.

We have also been working really hard on practising our number formation – making sure our numerals are the correct way around.  We have been using number rhymes to help us remember how to form them – ask us what they are! We also took on the challenge to represent each number with our own Easter pictures.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Talk about different fruit
  • Observe changes to fruit over time – watch how they ripen
  • Ask us to retell our new version of Handa’s Surprise
  • Practise finding doubles of items around the house
  • Talk about numbers in the environment – house numbers, bus numbers etc.
  • Practise forming numbers correctly