This Week in Reception

Pushing and pulling has been our theme of the week.

Last week we shared with you the story of “Stuck in the Mud,” by Pie Corbett. This week we have started to innovate the story by changing the animals who are pulling Daisy out.

In our Child Initiated Learning we have been pushing and pulling a variety of objects to make patterns. We are learning to, “Combine different movements with ease and fluency.” (Development Matters 2021.)

We have pushed and pulled pattern wheels in paint. Look at the patterns we made.

We have been driving cars around paper after dipping their wheels in paint and seeing the different tracks we make when we push and pull them.

We put some farm animals in the sand and worked with friends to pull them free, just like Farmer Tom in our story.

In the Mud Kitchen we have pulled up some weeds to make attractive decorations on our mud cupcakes.


We are reviewing our learning in phonics. This week we have learned to read and write the words:

some, come, there.

These are harder to read and spell words as phonics does not help us when reading these. We have to learn these words by sight.

How you can help at home:

Pick these words out in our reading books. Practise saying sentences that contain these words too.


We have learned the Nursery Rhyme “Ten in the Bed.” Please do sing this at home:

In maths this week we have been proving, “When counting in 1s the sequence of numbers always stays the same. ” We worked in groups to prove the next number in sequence was always one more by making a staircase of cubes to match number cards from 0 to 10.

How you can help at home:

Ask us to tell you the number that comes before or after a number up to 10. We used our fingers to help us with this.