This week we have been digging deeper!

This week in Nursery we have had new friends join our class and it has been amazing how quickly they have settled in and were made to feel welcome by the other children.  We have all remembered the routines and settled in very well after our Christmas break.

This term the whole school is focusing on the theme of “Digging Deeper” and in Nursery we have embraced this by reading our class book: Sam and Dave dig a hole.  As part of our learning, we had great fun exploring in the forest and digging in the mud,  painting with mud paint and we even found a wriggly worm or two! Today we built our own maze in the forest to show how we have to persevere with different options if our original route does not work out. This develops our resilience and is commonly referred to as ‘Growth Mindset’ here at Merry Hill.

Well done on all the hard work this week, Nursery! Have a fabulous weekend, the Nursery Team x