Wenzel’s – Bears

On Tuesday Bears were very excited for their school trip to Wenzel’s.

Some of us went on a coach for the very first time. We enjoyed looking out the windows at the scenery, and were particularly excited to drive past Watford F.C.

When we arrived we met Colin the baker and got ready to go into the factory. We had special Wenzel’s aprons to wear and hair nets so that our hair stayed away from our baking. We also got our own name badges.

First we thought about the ingredients that might be needed to make bread dough. Then we helped to put all  the ingredients into the large mixer. We had to be patient whilst the mixer got to work turning our ingredients into a dough. We were very good at helping Colin to count down when it was ready.

Once the dough was made we listened carefully to Colin when he showed us the different types of bread loaves we could make. Then got to work making our own. We really enjoyed using our hands to knead and roll the dough.

Whilst the bread was baking we got to work decorating gingerbread snowmen and cupcakes. Colin taught us how to hold the icing tube so we could control where the icing went on the snowman and a special trick to cover the cupcake in icing. We particularly enjoyed using the smarties and sprinkles.


We had the best time at Wenzel’s, and were very excited to tell our grown ups all about the trip when we got home. We also enjoyed eating all our goodies. Have a look on Seesaw for more photo’s from the trip.


How to support at home 

  • Do some baking at home – can you teach your grown up’s some of the icing tricks that Colin showed us?
  • Write a shopping list for the ingredients you will need to buy to do some baking.
  • Work out how much all the ingredients will cost.
  • Use weighing scales to measure out the ingredients you will need.
  • Try adding different flavours to your bakes – which ones do you like the best?