This week we had a great time on our trip to Wenzel’s.

We went on a double decker bus to get there.

When we arrived we had to put  on hair nets and aprons and then went into the factory.

We met Colin the baker. He talked to us about the ingredients that they use to make bread (flour, yeast, water and salt) and then showed us how to knead the bread and make it into different shapes.  The plait shaped bread he made looked exactly like the  challah bread that some of the year 2’s eat on Friday nights.

Then it was our turn to knead and make our own bread dough shapes.

After that we decorated gingerbreads using icing tubes and smarties.

Finally Colin showed us how to decorate a cupcake by dipping the cake into a bowl of icing and then into the sprinkles.

Before we left we packed up all our things so we could take them home. We also got to keep our hair nets, aprons and name badges.

We had a fantastic time and will be using our trip to help us with learning in English and History lessons.


How to help at home 

  • Talk to your child about the trip and ask them questions, can they use some of the learned vocabulary from the day?
  • Bake some bread at home – what ingredients do you need to use?
  • Ice some cakes or gingerbread – using the icing tubes is really good for developing fine motor skills which helps with pencil grip