Word Aware Day

At Merry Hill, we believe in developing a culture of word learners who are excited about words. This Thursday we have had our Word Aware Day and the children were buzzing with excitement as they entered the school wearing creative costumes inspired by their word.

In Year 2, we began our day collecting the words of others to make our own word searches and then collected our favourite ones onto our very own bookmarks! We hope to learn them and use them in our wonderful writing this week.

After that, we had the exciting opportunity to have a Vocabulary Parade where we were able to show off our words to the class.

Check us out below!

How to help at home

  • When they are reading look for new vocabulary. Can they find the definition in a dictionary and find synonyms?
  • Have a go at solving the word search your child has brought home.
  • Can they define all the words on their Word Collector Bookmark?