World Book Day!

Today has been World Book Day and at Merry Hill a love of reading is at the core of everything we do, so today was especially exciting for us. As a school, we dusted off our crowns and tiaras and dived into the royalty theme for the Queen’s Jubilee this year! Lots of us might have seen the day start with a parade of the teachers in costume around the school that sparked excitement.

In Year two, we began our day in awe of each others costumes. We all shared who we were in costume and what book we were from. Some of us were fictional royalty, some were our favourite book character and some of us dressed as the Queen herself!

We had a great morning with many different activities. We read a book called ‘The Queens Knickers’, which we all found particularly funny. The book ended with a request from the queen to design a pair of knickers she might wear when she next visits. We became very creative with our ideas, and first had to write a letter explaining what knickers we were making and why. Then we could make them, check our some of our knickers designs below!

Our teachers did a Masked Reader challenge, where they videoed themselves in a mask reading a story and we had to guess who was behind it! This was so fun, some we guessed easily and others were a little trickier. After our exciting day, we made sure to get a photo of us all together! Have a look below at our wonderful costumes. Happy World Book Day everyone!