100 days of learning!

This year we have been counting up the days we have spent learning in Year 2. Everyday we look together at our chart and add on one more day, using tens and ones, place value cards and digits. Then we think about how the number would look written in numbers, words and as a number sentence.

Once we reached 90 days we were very excited to find out what would happen to the tens and ones once we reached the big 100. We decided we wanted to celebrate reaching this milestone.

Some of us chose to play a game called ‘race to 100’ with a partner. We took it in turns to roll the dice and each time added the amount to our previous total. We kept going until we reached 100!

Some of us took on the 100 second challenge. We predicted how many times we could complete different activities in 100 seconds and then put our predictions to the test. We particularly enjoyed seeing how many goals we could score and running round the playground as many times as we could.


We also enjoyed making 100 days of school crowns.