Writing a recount

As I am sure you are aware, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London which has created fantastic excitement for our children this term! We have learnt a bit about Samuel Pepys and most importantly, how he recorded the events in the form of a diary. So, we thought let’s practice writing our very own about an experience we have all shared in Year 2.

First, we began learning about a diary written by someone called Katie who went on an adventure around London. We learnt all about the famous landmarks she travelled to, in what order and also enjoyed linking this to our history learning, for example Katie travelled to St. Paul’s Cathedral that we learnt was destroyed in 1666! We also had to think a lot about the tense we use when we write a diary, and how it should be past tense verbs that are written.

Next, we did a shared recount of Remembrance Day. We spoke about the features that need to be in a diary, such as diary language and carefully sequenced events using time words. Have a look at some of our work below:

How to help at home:

  • Keep a diary for writing in when you go out on a special day.
  • Carefully sequence some important life events.
  • Our next recount will be to independently write about our trip to Wenzels. Can your child remember what we did in order?