Year 2 Maths

The children have returned to school on great form after half term, ready to learn! In Maths this week we  started to work on written addition methods. As calculations increase in difficulty and become harder to solve mentally, it is important for children to be able to record these.

We started the week by revisiting re-balancing and ‘think 10’ to solve calculations by playing the ‘Last Number Standing’. Here the children had to choose two numbers and decide which strategy would be best to solve it. The children had great fun while they consolidated their learning!

In following lessons the children practised adding two-numbers using concrete resources and pictorial representations.

Using tens and ones (dienes) on a place-value grid really helped make the calculation become visual.

The children then drew the calculation onto a place-value grid and from here completed the calculation, recording this in their books. Miss Stringer and Mrs Nicoll were very impressed with this work!


The next stage will be re-grouping with ones (where the ones equal a number 10 or more) and we are confident the children will continue to make super progress with this.

What fantastic mathematicians we have in Year 2!

How you can support at home:

Ask your child what they have been learning in Maths this week.

Ask them to solve the following calculations:

20 + 6 =

22 + 23 =

34 + 25 =

55+ 36 =

37 +24 =
1. Ask your child to write down the calculation (on paper with pencil/felt-tip/coloured pencil, on a whiteboard, in chalk outside…)

2. Encourage your child to draw a simple place value grid:

                                       T                                                     O



3. Then record the tens and ones in the correct columns (a long line to show a ’10’ and dots for the ones,

4. Then calculate the total!

5. Record the answer on your original written calculation.

Well done for being a Maths superstar! (We would love to see this work on Seesaw).