They have arrived!

It was wonderful to see everyone back on Monday, ready and excited for another term choc and block full of learning and fun!

On Monday we also received a very special delivery.  An incubator, brooding box, wood shavings and a clutch of eggs arrived in the afternoon. The children were very excited to see the eggs, but first we had to find out what animal has laid the eggs… That meant we launched a full scale investigation to find out what animals lay eggs. The children knew that birds lay eggs, but they were very interested to learn that other animals also lay eggs.

The children used torches to check inside our (paper) eggs to find what animal is hiding inside and this led to whole class discussions to identify the type of eggs. What will hatch? A crocodile, dinosaur, spider or an owl? We now now that animals that have fur or hair do not lay eggs and animals that have no fur will mostly lay eggs.

Our excitement about the eggs took over all our learning and we even used our eggs to count and match numbers to their numerals. We also used rolled a dice to count the dots and make our own groups representing the numbers shown.

For our creation station, the children enjoyed using “mud rock” and balloons to make their own eggs and continue the discussions about what they would like to be in their magic eggs.

Wednesday morning we were all holding our fingers and toes crossed as we noticed a crack in one of the eggs and just before hometime our first baby chick finally made her appearance! Watching the eggs hatch during this week and meeting all the new little chicks has been an amazing experience. The children have all joined in making sure we all know how to look after the babies, deciding that we should whisper around them, feed them lots of food and water and giving them a comfy house.

How you can help at home:

Have discussions with your little one about different animals hatching from frogs and butterflies to sharks and ostriches! What size do they think the eggs will be? What colour might the eggs be?

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend while the chicks have a weekend of fun at Mrs Currie’s house. 🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣