Year 2 visit from the Fire Service!

The Year 2 children were delighted that some of the crew from Watford Fire Service’s White Watch were able to come and visit us on Tuesday afternoon (after they had to postpone the morning visit due to a call out!)

Last week we completed our Tudor Houses in Design Technology, linked to our topic The Great Fire of London. Our task was to make a strong, stable, structure using some of the joining techniques we have learnt. Here are some photos of our finished houses:

The Fire crew had agreed that they would be willing to re-enact the Great Fire of London, on a much smaller scale, using the Tudor house models we had made (if the children were willing to give them up!).

First we met some of the White Watch crew members. We learnt what it is like to be in the fire service and  found out the sort of jobs that they do. As well as putting out fires, they also rescue people and animals who are stuck, sometimes in high places and help to  make buildings safe etc… They  reminded the children  never to play with fire and what to do if they ever come across an emergency.

Together, the children and crew, shared their knowledge about the Great Fire and discussed:
Where it started?
Why it started?
What caused it to spread so far?

The children were extremely knowledgeable and remembered that the fire started in Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane due to a spark from his oven lighting sticks nearby. Everything was dry from the long hot summer, streets were narrow and the wooden framed houses were very close together. The children also remembered that there wasn’t an organised fire service –  Londoners had to fight the fire themselves using only buckets and water from the Thames. We realise how fortunate we are to have a Fire Service, with fire engines that transport huge amounts of water!

Next we went up the the playground carrying our Tudor houses and we were all so excited to see the fire engine parked at the top!

Then we stood behind the white line to keep us safe and the fire crew explained that they would take our houses and recreate the Great Fire! We watched and waited patiently.

One house was chosen as the bakery and was lit. We saw how quickly the houses burned and the fire spread.

We were thankful that the fire was able to be put out quickly using the water from the hose, in a powerful jet.

We will remember this visit for a long time to come! We are very grateful to Mrs Loison who organised this for us and for White Watch from Watford coming to MH and helping to bring our topic to life!

How to help at home:

  • If you are able to, visit the monument in London.

Home Page

  • Try making a fire safety poster at home and sharing on Seesaw