This half term in Science we have been learning about materials.

We used the Word Aware approach to learn that a material is ‘What something is made from’. Then we went on a materials hunt around school. We looked for plastic, metal, glass and wood. We recorded our work on Seesaw.

Then we learnt about the material rock. We went outside to hunt for rocks and brought them back to our classrooms. Once back in the classroom we used magnifying glasses to look closely at our rocks. We worked in groups to sort them according to their properties, including rough and smooth, and heavy and light.

We have also learnt about the difference between objects and the materials they have been made from. We found out that some objects are made from 1 material and some are made from more than 1 material. At school we have chairs in the hall made from only wood, and in the classroom our chairs are made from plastic and metal.

How to help at home

  • Choose some objects from around the house – what is the name of your object, what material is it made of?
  • What materials are your toys mostly made from?
  • Can you find anything that is made from just 1 material? 2 materials? 3 materials?
  • Think about why the objects might be made of their materials e.g. the lego bricks are made of plastic because plastic is strong.