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This week in Nursery we had a fabulous and VERY busy time.  The children enjoyed being back in class with all their friends and joining in with the routines of the day.

The children worked very hard this week and did not stop for a single second! In maths we have been focusing on writing our numbers.  They tried very hard to remember to touch each object as they count it and to they say each number name.  The last number they say represents the number of toys they have. We used our time in class and in the forest to learn more about how to write the numbers correctly.

In our phonics sessions the children have been using their best listening ears, trying to identify the initial sound of words.  We practiced this by playing “I spy…” using the children’s initials to identify them first before we tried to hear the first sound of objects around us.  Once they had  practiced this for a while, we tried to make up silly sentences with words that start with the same sounds e.g Marvellous Mummy makes me muffins!

Why not try to play “I spy” during the weekend? We would love to see photos or videos on Tapestry of the childrens’ learning at home.

To top off a fabulous week, the children had the best time during the sponsored slide! Thank you to the FOMH and all their helpers for organising this event.  It was a huge hit with all in Nursery!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend with hopefully lots of sunshine on the way,

The Nursery team. X