Mindful Monday

This half term in Art we are learning about Andy Goldsworthy. We have been looking carefully at his work and discovered that he is known for making sculptures using natural materials.

Last week we spent some time looking at pictures of his work and discussing what they were made from and our opinions of his sculptures.

This week we focused on natural and man-made materials. We drew a picture of a natural object, such as a tree or leaf, and then used man-made materials to fill our drawing in. We used drawing pencils, felt tips, water colour paints and pastels. We thought really carefully about the colours we could use and even remembered how we could change the colours when using pastels and watercolours.

Look at some of our hard work

How to support at home 

  • Identify objects around the home that are made from natural and man-made materials
  • use natural materials e.g. sticks to create sculptures, remember to take a picture before it gets blown away.
  • Research Andy Goldsworthy – find some facts to share in class on Mindful Monday