Exploring the Rainforest!

This week in Year 2 we have been travelling across continents and swinging through the layers of the rainforest!

In English, we have been learning the story the Great Kapok Tree. This story is about a man who ventures into a rainforest to chop down the special Kapok Tree, but the sacred animals of the rainforest stop him just in time! They teach the man about the importance of the Kapok tree, that it provides food, shelter and oxygen for the animals and humans. After learning of its importance, the man luckily does not chop the tree down.

This story linked beautifully with our Geography topic of the rainforest. First, we studied the world and where we might find a rainforest. We soon learnt that rainforests are found near the equator because there is a lot of rain and sunshine there.

Then, we began building our very own rainforests. We thought about the different layers we find in a rainforest and what characteristics of each layer makes them different. Discovering the layers revealed which animals live where, we particularly found the bird-eating tarantula from the emergent layer interesting!

We started crafting the layers, then we matched the animals to their correct layer and finally we labelled our rainforest with interesting facts about each layer! Check out our work in progress below.

We were all very proud of our work that we added it to our own classroom rainforest! Check it out!