This week in Reception

We have had a very busy time in Reception this week. We started the week with mindful Monday. The children are learning a range of art skills and practising them by creating dinosaur art.

We have used watercolours, pastels, chalks and scissors. We are good at blending two colours to make new ones.

It has been very cold during our morning play and that has certainly helped to keep these frozen dinosaurs in ice despite the many different tools we used to burst them out.

We also braved the cold to build volcanoes in the sandpit and play with the small world with our friends.


This week we have been learning to read the sounds ‘sh,’ ‘th,’ ‘ng,’ ‘nk,’ in words and to read the word, ‘push,’ by sight. We are learning to, “Read some letter groups that each represent one sound and say sounds for them.” Development Matters 2021.

How many things can you see in the wheel that contain those sounds?

How you can help at home:

When reading with your child identify this week’s sounds as they crop up. Ensure your child blends the sound in a word together using pure sounds.