A lovely autumn week! 🦔

This week we have focused on everything autumnal! As the weather has been very crisp but dry we made the most of our time outside, looking for the signs of Autumn.  We had a great time crunching the dry leaves with our wellies and learning about animals that hibernate.

We had fantastic maths lessons in the forest where the children were able to practice their comparative language when looking at the different size sticks they found on the forest floor.  They enjoyed collecting short, thin sticks and then ordering them by size.

Back in class, the children enjoyed creating their hedgehogs using the sticks we collected from the forest.  They had to think about the shapes they used  for their hedgehogs and how to pinch the clay to form the face.  Some children even attempted to count the prickles on their hedgehog’s back!

For English the children created their own non fiction books, sharing some of the  information they have learned about hedgehogs this week.  They had to use a range of skills to complete this task and they were very proud of the end results, happily showing off their booklets to their peers and teachers.
How you can help at home:
The children have been working very hard to recognise rhyming words.  During story times at home, can you help your children to identify words that end in the same sounds e.g zoom, broom, room etc.  Can your child think of any other words that will also rhyme with these words?
We hope you have a fantastic long weekend!
The Nursery team 🍁 🍂